Early Behavioural Intervention is the key

What is Autism, and how can we help?

Seeing Differences

You may have noticed that your child does things a little differently. It may be that they don’t respond to you, seem to be fixated on one particular thing or not able to communicate their needs.

In our experience, most parents tell us it becomes more noticeable in everyday settings where there are children of similar age.

You can speak with your GP or Paediatrician who may refer your child for an Autism Assessment.

What is Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

ASD refers to a broad range of signs and symptoms characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and non-verbal communication.

If your child is a participant in the NDIS scheme and recently diagnosed with Autism, you may be unsure of the best behavioural therapy for your child.

By booking in for an Initial Consultation with us, you can discuss your child’s needs to see if behavioural therapy is the right approach for them and your family.

ABAlink acknowledges each individuals personal preference to use identity first or person-first language to describe themselves or their loved one. We interchangeably use both language conventions and therefor refer to both autistic children and children with autism

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ABAlink’s 12-week Starter Program

Tailored to your child’s individual goals and budget, ABAlink’s 12-Week Starter Program is an introduction to ABA Therapy with the aim to:

  • Provide quick traction over 12 consecutive weeks through an ABA Therapy based model of 4 hours per week in home or Community Setting
  • Deliver through Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioners quality benchmarked data against your child’s initial assessment
  • Meet every 4 weeks with parents, child and delivery team to hear feedback and understand progress towards set goals
  • Establish weekly quality benchmarked data summarised in a Developmental Summary Report at the end of the program that you can bring to your next NDIS planning meeting
  • Work with you and your child to deliver outcomes that allow you to take the next step whether that’s Positive Parent Training or an Early Childhood Developmental Program to continue your child’s progress.

Contact us today to see if an ABAlink Program is right for you and your child.

Infants from 6 months

ABAlink’s Clinical team are closely following promising research on pre-emptive intervention for developmental outcomes in infants showing early signs of autism.

The pre-emptive intervention model for autism (iBASIS-Video interaction to Promote Positive Parenting Intervention) supports the social development of babies displaying early signs of autism and may be effective in reducing disability barriers in life.

Can I use my NDIS funding to pay for Early Childhood Supports?

I Heart NDIS

You can use the money in your NDIS plan to help cover the cost of Early Childhood Supports up to the age of 9. We will discuss this with you when you make an enquiry.

ABAlink is a registered NDIS provider.
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