Positive Parent Training

Helping you achieve better outcomes when interacting with your child.

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  • On your own or with one other family member
  • 8 weeks remote with a specialist behaviour practitioner
  • Combined with an ABAlink Program or stand alone
  • Funded under NDIS
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This is a coaching program for parents and caregivers to help them manage their child’s behaviour and support their learning and development to create sustainable positive change.  This can be undertaken independently or in conjunction with other therapy programs.

What parents learn practically with our program.

They discover…

  • Why their child engages in challenging behaviour
  • How to predict and prevent those challenging behaviours
  • How to respond to challenging behaviours
  • How to teach new skills
  • How to maintain positive change over time

Your Parent Training program runs at the same time for 8 consecutive weeks. It will be delivered by video call.

Your Coach will spend 1.5 hours training you in each topic supplying you with exercises to practice with your child during the week and will check with you to assess how you are progressing.

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