Little Links Early Learners Program

The goal of our Little Links Early Learner Program is to help your child gain experience within a group.

Little Links Early Learners Program is:

Lenny & Lola Link
  • for children who struggle being in a group
  • suitable for kids aged 3 to 6
  • delivered in school terms Mondays to Thursdays in half day sessions
  • preparing your child for full-day Little Links school readiness Program
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They may have never been in a group setting before, or may struggle to be actively involved in group activities, play with peers or follow group routines.

This is a great first step for kids and their parents to manage what can be stressful time when they are away from each other.

Just like our Little Links Program our learners are paired with a Behaviour Therapist supporting them 1:1 in a group setting but in shorter sessions allowing them to build capacity for longer periods of social interaction without a parent being present.

Using evidence-based principles of ABA our programming focus will be on teaching foundational skills such as group participation, routine transitions, playing with peers and following group instruction.
Little Links - Tino

How do I know Little Links will help my child?

Our parent consultation and child assessment will assess your child’s suitability for either the Early Learner Program or the full day Little Links school readiness Program. A comprehensive report with recommendations will be discussed with you and is sent prior to enrolment.

What will my child do in a Little Links Early Learner Program?

Our program focuses on pre-requisite skills a learner must have to be successful in a group.

  • Coping and self-advocacy
  • Following group instructions
  • Participation in group activities
  • Playing with Peers
  • Transitions between activities; and
  • Increasing their language skills

Our learners are paired with a Behaviour Therapist supporting then 1:1 in a group setting. Our Homeroom app will give you updates via pictures and videos allowing you to see how their day is going.

Your child’s progress is evaluated weekly

Kelan Annike Tino and Alyssa
Our entire team meet separately to evaluate your child’s progress during the Little Links Early Learners term resulting in an End of Term Report outlining your child’s progress against goals
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Parents Club

Whilst your child is participating in the Early Learner Program you are invited to connect over a cuppa and a biscuit and learn in a supported environment skills that will assist you in your interactions at home.

The program runs for 8 weeks for 90 minutes whilst your child is in the Early Learner Program and will cover topics such as :

  • Toileting
  • Promoting independence in daily routines
  • Visuals/ token/ choice boards
  • Building a language rich environment
  • Using Social Stories to explain
  • Developing secure relationship bonds with their child
  • Encouraging communication
  • Building carer statements
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