At Little Links, our priority is to teach your child the ability to independently complete the foundational skills that are required to be successful when transitioning to school.

With a maximum of 6 children per group and using evidence based principles, your child will receive:

  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Intensive and purposeful interactions
  • Individualised outcomes that are specific to your child.

Why choose Little Links?

Little Links helps with the transition to school and takes place on Tuesday’s during the school term at our Ryde Clinic. Each session runs from 9am to 3pm with maximum of 6 children.

The program focuses on school readiness skills and from the moment your child arrives, our multi disciplinary team of professionals engage in purposeful interactions, focusing on establishing routines and expectations often required at school, thus creating a more independent learner.

Your child’s progress is reviewed and monitored in our weekly team meetings.

What is Little Links?

At ABAlink we know how important it is to ensure children with ASD are equipped with the essential skills needed to transition to school.

Little Links is a multi-disciplinary program aimed at children 3 to 6 years old with a diagnosis of ASD. The program has been designed to focus on creating school readiness skills that are vital when building independence.

The Little Links sessions are conveniently located in Ryde within walking distance from the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. 

How will Little Links benefit your child?

Our program is designed to address a range of skills required to assist your child transition to school successfully.

  • Behavioural support
  • Understanding and following instructions
  • Communication
  • Pre-academic concepts
  • Social skills (turn taking, peer interaction, etc)
  • Daily living skills
  • Group participation.

A day at Little Links:

Mirroring a typical early learning classroom, your child will be exposed to the rules, routines and general classroom expectations they will experience in everyday school life.

Activities include:

  • Group circle time – focusing on greeting peers, taking turns, and following directions
  • Guided play – teaching children how to play
  • One-on-one work sessions – Individualised programming is completed to teach new skills
  • Snack time – targeting a variety of skills such as making requests, life skills and social skills
  • Music time – focusing on group imitation skills, following directions and group learning.

At Little Links our aim is to strengthen your child’s language, cognitive, and social skills. The group sessions, with one-on-one support, focus on behaviours that help your child interact with teachers and peers, whilst coping with everyday tasks and routines.

Little Links gives your child the opportunity to build confidence and independence so they can actively participate within the school environment.

The Little Links Team


Leading the team is Brittany Talab, an experienced Program Supervisor from the United States.

Brittany has experience managing similar therapeutic autism programs and consulting within the school environment. There she was involved in creating a new autism specific division in the special education department. She is excited to share her experiences with the families in Australia.

As Little Links is a multi-disciplinary program, Brittany will be heading up a team of therapists specialising in Discrete Trial Training, Speech Therapy, Occupation Therapy and Social Skills.

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