Online RBT and Practical ABA Training

$700.00 ex GST


ABAlink’s Online ABA Therapy training course meets the 40 hours of comprehensive content required for the RBT certification which you can complete anywhere and anytime. The online component features engaging video modules, with quizzes along the way and a final exam to test your knowledge.

The practical training day in ABAlink’s Clinic in Ryde gives you to meet like minded individuals and put the theory into practice under the supervision of a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

Successful completion requires a test score of 90% or above with all modules to be completed with 90 days. Certificates are given at the completion of the online course and successful completion of the practical day.


  1. Introduction to Autism
  2. Discrete Trial Teaching
  3. Prompting
  4. Reinforcers
  5. Incidental Teaching
  6. Generalisation
  7. Maintenance
  8. Record Results
  9. Problem Behaviours
  10. Incidental Teaching for Expanding Language
  11. Teaching Complex Tasks
  12. The Registered Behaviour Technician Training and Credential
  13. Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis
  14. An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
  15. Relationship Building
  16. Reinforcement
  17. Shaping
  18. Prompting
  19. Discrete Trial Teaching
  20. Incidental Teaching
  21. Motivating Operations
  22. Behaviour Chains and Chaining Procedures
  23. Choosing Reinforcers: Preference Assessments
  24. Stimulus Control and Prompt Fading
  25. Data Collection
  26. Graphs and What They Tell Us
  27. Skill Acquisition Programs
  28. Verbal Behaviour
  29. Describing Behaviour
  30. Function & Assessment of Problem Behaviour
  31. Common Interventions for Problem Behaviour
  32. Generalisation and Maintenance
  33. Assessments and the Role of the RBT
  34. Discrimination Training
  35. Ethical and Professional Behaviour