Take Your First Step

Once you have completed the initial consultation, the first step for parents wanting to embark on an early behavioural intervention program is the Assessment of your child’s current skill level.

Two and a half-hour evaluation

The Assessment takes the form of a two and a half-hour session with our Program Supervisor who evaluates your child’s needs.

VB-MAPP used to assess current skill level

Depending on the age of your child, using the Verbal Behaviour-Milestones and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) or the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) our Program Supervisor undertakes a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of your child’s abilities. This provides the:

  • Baseline level of performance
  • Direction for intervention
  • System for tracking skill acquisition
  • Tool for outcome measures
  • Framework for therapy planning

Assessment Report

Our Program Supervisor then compiles your child’s Assessment Report outlining a treatment plan and  recommended therapy hours.