ABAlink is Continuing to Deliver Secure and Supervised 
Behavioural Services for Clients and Caregivers with ABAlink’s Telelink Service

ABAlink appreciates that we are living in unprecedented times of uncertainty. Questions have been flowing in regarding if, and how, ABAlink services are able to be continued in family homes or in face-to-face consultations.

As our Supervisors and I watch events unfold across the world, we have brought forward our recently developed telehealth model as we believe this is the best solution to help you in the current situation.

Our ABAlink Telelink Service, is delivered by your trusted team of behavioural therapists in order to support your family and maintain the progress your child has made to date.

Our service is provided via an online video platform that works with technology you have in your home and focusses on addressing parent focussed goals using your day to day activities in the home.

We are with you during the week with full Program Supervisor involvement to maintain progress and to answer any questions you have.

If you are new to ABAlink we can organise a remote Initial Consultation to understand your child’s goals and to discuss how we can help.

It’s also important to use reputable sources for guidelines on the continuity of services. The Australian Government Department of Health and NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission are valuable resources to keep yourself up to date

ABAlink is a Registered NDIS Provider who adheres to the strictest standards as we continue to always provide the highest calibre of services possible and carry them out in an ethical manner.

Our ABAlink Telelink service means disruptions can now be kept to a minimum. Speak directly with our office to find out how we can support you, your family and your child through this challenging time.

Contact ABAlink for help with any questions you may have on 02 9411 4618 or office@abalink.com.au