Respite Care Services

Help at home for your own wellbeing

Caring for a child with autism is both rewarding and exhausting. But as a parent or carer, it’s really important to look after your own health and wellbeing. And respite is a way of giving yourself a break or spending time with your.loved ones.

Take a well-deserved break

Our respite services provide a highly trained Super Sitter to attend your preferred setting or your home and take over your day-to-day caring. This frees you up to spend time with family or friends without restriction.

Peace of mind

As professionally trained ABA therapists, ABAlink’s Super Sitters have the skills required to take care of children with autism spectrum disorders. You can leave home with the peace of mind that they are equipped to handle any behavioural crisis.

Fully supported

When on site in your home, our Super Sitters have ready access to our co-ordination unit which is staffed by our experienced operations crew.

Financial assistance

Depending on your circumstances, our respite care services may be supported by NDIS or other government funding. We can inform you of your options to access financial assistance.