Behavioural Intervention Therapy Programs

Individually customised therapy for your child

Professional team

Following your child’s Assessment, our Program Supervisor constructs an individualised Behavioural Intervention Therapy Program, finely tailored to target your child’s needs. The program draws on a team of professional therapists with the right combination of skills and experience. More about Behavioural Intervention Therapy.

Your Program Supervisor creates your child’s behavioural intervention program and assesses the progress your child makes. Your Senior Therapist runs weekly therapy sessions with your child and manages your child’s team of therapists. Your Junior Therapists deliver the majority of therapy in your home to the behavioural intervention therapy program plan.

Individual and intensive

Running for 3.0 hours, our therapy sessions are made up of short bursts of work centred around fun activities, play and breaks.

One-on-one sessions at home

Initially, our Senior and Junior therapists work one-on-one with your child within your home, although sessions can take place elsewhere such as at kinder and school.

Clinic meetings

Clinics are an important part of the program. You and your child’s team evaluate your child’s progress with your Program Supervisor every 4 weeks. This ensures a continuous progression to your child’s goals.

Real-world environment

Moving the therapy outside of the home environment is also an important part of your child’s development. They need to be able to transfer the skills learnt within the behavioural intervention therapy program to other environments and with other people. A big part of this is being able to cope with the normal distractions in the real world.

Parental involvement is critical

In abalink programs, parents or caregivers play a necessary and vital role. Being actively engaged in the process is key to consistency and ultimately success. To empower your involvement, parents participate in our complimentary online training after commencing your child’s therapy program.