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Hands-on experience while you study

Working as an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapist is more than just a part-time or casual job – it’s a smart career move. The hands-on nature of the work makes it invaluable for anyone who is interested in working with children in the disability space. Watch as our Managing Director, Christina Campbell, and Talent Manager, Brooke Simmonds, talk about the Junior Therapist role and what they look for in potential candidates.


We help children and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders by providing intensive behavioural therapy in their home or community setting and in our Little Links clinic. We live a family journey and aim to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference in their lives. We do this with Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a methodology with more than 50 years of evidence-based research that support its effectiveness. ABA is a group of procedures and interventions designed to increase positive behaviours, teach new skills, adapt behaviours to new environments and situations, and reduce behaviours that are harmful or hinder development. What sets ABA apart from other therapies is that it is systematic and data-driven, with analyses used to guide the clinical decision-making process.

As an ABA Therapist you will:

  • Participate in a thorough initial training program with instruction in Autism, early intensive behaviour interventions, verbal behaviour, teaching strategies, behaviour management, data collection and ethics
  • Work with the child 1:1 in their home, school or community
  • Follow a structured program designed to teach language, play, social, motor and self-help skills
  • Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with your colleagues and therapy team
  • Participate in ongoing training and attend regular clinic meetings with your therapy team and your clients


Typically we look for students studying psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, education or other related fields who are interested in gaining real world experience working with children with special needs. We will consider other candidates based on their merits and experience. We are most interested in candidates with proven patience, creativity, discretion and confidence thinking on their feet. A good sense of humour and a positive outlook are also imperative. You need to be able to accept constructive feedback, work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.

Both casual and regular work is available for a minimum of 6 hours per week, and it is fully flexible to suit your schedule. When you have completed ABA Therapy training, there are three streams of employment immediately available to you, as a Junior Therapist, SuperSitter or in our Little Links school readiness program.


ABAlink offers a comprehensive behavioural therapy training program through Rethink, providing 40 hours of online training that can be completed anywhere at anytime. When the online syllabus is complete, we will invite you to attend an all day practical training session at our centre in Ryde where you will put the theory into practice under the supervision of one of our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA)®.