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ABA Therapy

An evidenced based treatment for autism

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Every parent responds to their child’s diagnosis of autism differently. Each and every journey is unique.

While there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach for helping children and adolescents with autism, early intervention using the methods of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) are proven to be effective+.

Studying and modifying behaviour

ABA therapy is a highly structured, scientific approach using learning techniques and principles to promote socially significant and desirable behaviour. It involves breaking down skills into component parts and, through repetition, reinforcement, and encouragement, to help a child learn new skills.

Scientific validation

ABA therapy has been validated by many decades of rigorous scientific research. It is proven to be effective in both teaching new skills and promoting socially appropriate behaviours in children with autism to match their typically developing peers.

Effective in reducing disruptive behaviours

ABA therapy is effective in reducing difficult behaviours typically observed in individuals with autism, such as self- injury, tantrums, non-compliance and self-stimulation.

Bringing about meaningful and positive change

While ABA therapy reduces and modifies problematic behaviour, it can also be used to teach play, communication, and self-care skills. For older children, it’s effective in teaching academic and daily living skills for greater independence.

ABAlink can help

ABA therapy through ABAlink starts with an assessment of your child by one of our skilled Program Supervisors in our Clinic. By observing your child’s abilities, our Program Supervisor identifies which skills your child needs to learn, and customises a plan to suit those needs. This plan identifies your behaviour support goals and details the skills your child will acquire, and can be used as the basis of your NDIS plan.

Individualised programs

Our Program Supervisor customises ABA therapy programs and incorporates iPads into the treatment to suit your child’s needs, and the family situation. It starts with a six-month commitment and includes monthly sessions at the clinic to monitor your child’s progress, and fine tune the plan if required. For many families ABA becomes a way of enabling their child to continually learn in a natural environment.

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+ Two seminal studies by Lovaas (1987) and McEachin, Smith and Lovaas (1993) have proven the efficacy of ABA. Many studies undertaken since this time have replicated these findings and provide additional support for ABA therapy techniques.